ND Architecture offers a wide range of design services and project types. As a licensed architect, Meghan works on commercial as well as residential projects. In all project types, her focus is on sustainable and high-performance design. NDA advocates simple and elegant solutions to building forms based on and responsive to the natural environment.

ND Architecture can provide services ranging from a simple sketch to a 'Builders Set' of drawings to full Construction Documents inclusive of extensive detailing, interior design, and materials specifications. Meghan works with the clients from the very beginning to determine their project goals and desired level of support.


ND Architecture is passionate about integrated design and project delivery. This team approach to design and construction, taken from the start of a project, helps to develop a transparent process that maximizes cost-effectiveness, energy consciousness, and creative solutions. The integrated approach brings all parties together at the beginning of a project, and the team works through an initial charrette to determine and make all aware of the project goals. These typically include a project's budget, Net-zero or low energy-use design goals, healthy interiors, aesthetics, site design, and many others.

The integrated approach recognizes that components of a home are linked together, so all must be considered up-front to find a cost-effective, sustainable building solution. We will talk about passive and active techniques, mechanical systems, building systems, occupant behaviors, as well as particular site considerations, and desired aesthetics.

The integrated design approach meets the needs of our clients by fully utilizing the talents of the architect, builder, energy expert, engineer, and other appropriate experts at a time in the design when they can be most beneficial. By including a builder in the design, the drawing process can be simplified, costs made clear, and decisions made based on an understanding of how the design will be manifested in reality. By integrating an architect in the construction phase, material and finishing choices can be steam-lined, and in-the-field details can be easily coordinated. A structural engineer can make suggestions to simplify (both from a cost standpoint as well as thermal bridging) the building's skeleton or an energy expert can point out areas of air leakage and estimate the building's energy use for an appropriate size mechanical system. Client decisions on windows, wall systems, etc., can thus be informed by real-world impacts on cost and energy use.


  • Concept/Due Diligence: Integrated design starts with a meeting between yourself and Meghan to discuss your ideas and to learn about your site. We then discuss other team members who may be appropriate based on your goals.

  • Schematic Design: To begin the design phase, we start out with a team charrette to define the project goal. A conceptual design worked out between the architect and the owner will then be presented to the builder for cost analysis and building feedback, as well as to other members for review.

  • Design Development: Once this is approved or reworked as necessary, we will begin the construction drawings. Project dependent, we will organize a final charrette to summarize the goals and be sure we are on track for the intended building performance, cost, and schedule.

  • Construction Documents: These are the final-approved drawing set from the architect and the final pricing from the builder.

  • Construction: The architect is available to the builder for onsite meetings, sketches, and review as/if needed.